AWARD: Browne Wins 2016 Surveillance Book Prize

 #ADPHD congratulates Simone Browne on winning the 2016 Best Book Prize from the Surveillance Studies Network:

For 2016, for the best book published in the calendar year 2015, the winning book is
Browne, Simone. 2015. Dark Matters: On the Surveillance of Blackness. Durham: Duke University Press.

The committee found that Browne’s book stood out for the following reasons: The writing is elegant, simple, straightforward. We felt it a benefit that she brings a critical humanities and intersectional approach to surveillance studies. Perhaps most important are the timely interventions Browne performs: She insists we look at the ways in which race has informed surveillance practices. She makes the incredibly important argument that surveillance is a racial practice, and insists we begin to theorize and account for this in our work within the field. Finally, Browne’s book is timely and relevant, particularly in the US with black lives matter, police brutality and the increasing surveillance of black and brown bodies.

Source: 2015 and 2016 Surveillance Book Prizes

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