AUDIO: Fuentes on Colonial Port Cities and Slavery | Ben Franklin’s World

Marisa Fuentes discusses Barbados, port cities, and slavery with Liz Covart on the podcast Ben Franklin’s World:

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AUDIO: LeFlouria on How the convict labor of Black women built the new South

Historian Talitha LeFlouria examines the incarcerated labor of Black women in Reconstruction-era Georgia – work that rebuilt the South’s infrastructure and industrial economy under brutal conditions, enabled by the social language and legal mechanisms around Black lives that persist in America’s modern mass incarceration complex.

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AUDIO: First Draft 8.18 | BackStory 

On this week’s episode, Brian, Nathan, Joanne and Ed discuss the horrific events that happened in Charlottesville last weekend, and how it fits into American history.

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AUDIO: Never Monument to Hurt You by The Rise of Charm City | @SoundCloud

In the middle of an August night, the City of Baltimore removed four Confederate monuments from parks and public squares. A few people bore witness, and almost everyone in town had an opinion. In this bonus mini-episode, we talk to a few of them, not just about the statues but also about the quiet removal of the city’s African American landmarks and resources.
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AUDIO: Dungey and “Ask a Slave” on This American Life 

In Act Two of This American Life’s Afrofuturism episode, Comedian and actor Azie Dungey recounts her time playing a slave for visiting tourists at George Washington’s estate in Mount Vernon.

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AUDIO: Joe Madison w/ Erica Armstrong Dunbar on “Never Caught”

Joe Madison speaks with author Erica Armstrong Dunbar, about her book, “Never Caught: The Washingtons’ Relentless Pursuit of Their Runaway Slave, Ona Judge.” Taped in the wake of and with commentary on Charlottesville.

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AUDIO: LeFlouria on Black Women Convict Laborers in the New South

Talitha LeFlouria on Working History, the Southern Labor Studies Association podcast, discusses convict labor in the U.S. South:

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AUDIO: American Exodus: A History of Emigration [rebroadcast] by BackStory

In response to the recent election, #ADPhD is sharing reflections, short takes, and responses from scholars of slavery. To submit yours, click here.

On November 11, 2016, in light of the recent election, the BackStory podcast rebroadcast its episode on emigration and immigration, which included stories on free blacks who sailed to Liberia during the 19th century:

“With Donald Trump vowing to keep undocumented Mexicans out of the U.S. with a wall and Hillary Clinton promising the same immigrants a path to citizenship, immigration was a big issue in the 2016 presidential election. But what about the flip side – emigration?

“In this episode of BackStory, we ask who’s chosen to leave the U.S. and what parts of their American identities they took with them – from the Loyalists who fled to Canada in the wake of the American Revolution, and the free blacks who sailed to Liberia in search of true freedom, to the Depression-era refugees who moved to the Soviet Union.”

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