DIGITAL: First Blacks in the Americas: The African Presence in The Dominican Republic

DIGITAL: About The Project · Runaway Connecticut

New digital project on runaway slave ads in Connecticut. The database was designed by the students in COL370 / HIST211 as part of their final projext for Digital History (Spring 2014). Taught at Wesleyan College by Joseph Yannielli.

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DIGITAL: Black Loyalist

About the project: “Black Loyalist is a repository of historical data about the African American loyalist refugees who left New York between April and November 1783 and whose names are recorded in the Book of Negroes. In this first stage, the site concentrates on providing biographical and demographic information for the largest cohort, about 1000 people from Norfolk Virginia and surrounding counties.” Explore the project: Black … Continue reading DIGITAL: Black Loyalist

DIGITAL: The Celia Project 

New website for the Celia Project: A Research Collaboration on the History of Slavery and Sexual Violence:

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DIGITAL: The Abolitionists Map of America

via Amistad Research Center:

Explore the story of the abolitionist movement in America through our interactive map. Dozens of museums, institutions and PBS stations have partnered with American Experience to bring you archival images, documents and videos related to abolitionism.

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