DIGITAL: The Louverture Project

A wiki-project compiling information on the Haitian Revolution and Toussaint L’Ouverture:

“The mission of The Louverture Project is to collect as much information as possible about the Haitian revolution, to construct a narrative which provides context for that information, and to disseminate the collected knowledge as widely as possible.”

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DIGITAL/SOURCE: Early Accounts of Bois Caïman | The Black Atlantic

A list of accounts of the Bois Caïman ceremony, compiled by Ian Baucom and Laurent Dubois at Duke University for their course “The Black Atlantic.”

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DIGITAL: Block on Topic Modeling in Common-place (from 2006)

Sharon Block, “Doing More with Digitization: An Introduction to Topic Modeling of Early American Sources,” Common-Place 06, no. 02 (January 2006),
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DIGITAL: Aimé Césaire and the Broken Record

A project by Alex Gil charting work on Aimé Césaire:

,”The following enumerative bibliography of critical commentary and scholarship on Aimé Césaire builds on and refines the Aimé Césaire Zotero Group collective bibliography. This bibliography is the largest of its kind in existence today. If you would like to contribute, please join the group and add your entry or entries, or contact me.”

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BLOGROLL: @NMAAHC Wins Webby for #HiddenHistory

The National Museum of African American History and Culture won a Webby for “Social: Education and Discovery.” Lanae Spruce represented them and accepted the award with this 5-word speech:

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DIGITAL: Daut Launches “La Gazette Royale d’Hayti”

Congratulations Marlene L. Daut on the launch of a new digital project – La Gazette Royale d’Hayti! Read more:

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