A special symposium in the Journal of African American History featured the work of Gerald Horne, historian of African American and African diaspora history:

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EDITED: Scully and Patton on Gender and Slave Emancipation in the Atlantic World


Pamela Scully and Diana Paton, eds. Gender and Slave Emancipation in the Atlantic World. Duke University Press, 2005.

via Duke U Press:

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2016-17 Howard University Slavery Seminar

Ana Lucia Araujo of Howard University has announced the program of the slavery seminar at Howard University.

Via Ana Lucia Araujo on Facebook:

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BOOK: Beckles on Slavery and Reparations in the British Caribbean


Hilary McD. Beckles, Britain’s Black Debt: Reparations for Slavery and Native Genocide. Kingston, Jamaica: Univ of West Indies Pr, 2013.

via University of the West Indies Press:

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DIGITAL: Slavery and the U.S. Supreme Court: The Amistad Case | Amistad Research Center

The Amistad Research Center recently unveiled four new digital collections in the Tulane University Digital Library/Louisiana Digital Library, including one on the Amistad case:

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