Sundown #ADPhD / Sunrise #ADPhDProjects

All things come to an end / transition into new generations.

African Diaspora, Ph.D. has been running since 2008. Now it is time to transition to new spaces and places. We are sundowning African Diaspora, Ph.D. as an active WordPress blog.

The blog itself ( will continue to live here on the web as an archive and resource. Please continue to use, share, and teach with it at will.

#ADPhD the hashtag and the #ADPhD social media at Instagram and on Twitter will continue to grow and thrive as @adphdprojects. We are incredibly active there so please follow #ADPhD on IG and Twitter at @adphdprojects, or follow the #ADPhDProjects hashtag. Existing projects include the #slaveryarchive book club and Taller Electric Marronage. More collaborations and projects to come.

Content will continue, in new forms and spaces. There is always work on the history of the African diaspora to be done!

Thank you for your support over the years. Keep reading!

With love,

Team #ADPhD


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