DIGITAL: Aimé Césaire and the Broken Record

A project by Alex Gil charting work on Aimé Césaire:

,”The following enumerative bibliography of critical commentary and scholarship on Aimé Césaire builds on and refines the Aimé Césaire Zotero Group collective bibliography. This bibliography is the largest of its kind in existence today. If you would like to contribute, please join the group and add your entry or entries, or contact me.”

Explore: Aimé Césaire and the Broken Record

Morgan on Thinking with Black Marxism | @AAIHS

Dutch Representation of Africans from 1686 (Credit: Schomburg Center Rare Books, Manuscripts, and Archives Division, Description De L’afrique Collection)

Jennifer Morgan discusses Cedric Robinson’s work on Black Marxism and its relationship to histories of slavery at AAIHS: Continue reading “Morgan on Thinking with Black Marxism | @AAIHS”

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