SOURCE: Holy Trinity Church death records, 1818-1867 | Georgetown Slavery Archive


“Burial records for Holy Trinity Church include the names of enslaved and free people of color in the 19th century. Two people presumed to be slaves of Georgetown are listed in the records: 1) p. 63: Rachel, October 22, 1821 2) p. 104: Charles, January 3, 1832.


“Charles and Rachel were both buried in the “College Ground,” which was located at what is today the Georgetown University campus on or near the site of the Reiss Science Building. According to historian Carlton Fletcher, the College Ground was used for burials by Holy Trinity from 1818 to 1833, when the church began to use Holy Rood Cemetery.

“The College Ground was built over in 1953 and the remains of roughly fifty people that were discovered at that time were reinterred at Mount Olivet Cemetery, but those remains were only a small fraction of all the people who were buried there.”


Source: Holy Trinity Church death records, 1818-1867 · Georgetown Slavery Archive

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