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Liz Timbs reflects on the number of digital humanities panels at the African Studies Association Annual meeting:

“Unfortunately, when I say that numerous scholars commented on this need, numerous refers to a few handfuls of scholars that I encountered.  Compared to other scholarly meetings, ASA is lagging behind in their number of panels dedicated to the subject.  Harvard College postdoctoral fellow Carla D. Martin noted that at last year’s MLA meeting, there were sixty-six panels on digital humanities.  When I searched for panels incorporating digital technologies at last week’s American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting in Chicago, over 100 results came back.  At ASA, there were six. Yes, that’s right: just six panels.  It is critical that the Association and the academic community as a whole begins to more substantially engage with the prospect of digital humanities….”

Read the rest: African Studies in the Digital Age | Cultural Heritage Informatics Initiative

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