BLOGROLL/AUDIO: Kelley on Finding Ways to be One: The making of Cedric J. Robinson’s radical Black politics

Robin D. G. Kelley on Black Marxism:

“Historian Robin D.G. Kelley explores the radical Black politics of scholar Cedric J. Robinson — from his historical understanding of race and capitalism an inherently inseparable systems, to his vision of the possibilities of politics, rooted deep in struggles past and present – setting the groundwork for new grounds in Black radicals thought and action for generations to come. Kelley wrote the essay “Winston Whiteside and the Politics of the Possible” for the Verso collection Futures of Black Radicalism.” (H/T New Black Man)

Listen to Finding ways to be one: The making of Cedric J. Robinson’s radical Black politics. by This is Hell! #np on #SoundCloud

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