Earthquake Aftershocks in Haiti (via Repeating Islands)

“Haiti suffered two new aftershocks yesterday. Haiti has felt close to 50 aftershocks since the devastating 7.0-magnitude quake on January 12. The US Geological Survey, which warned the Caribbean nation could be feeling aftershocks for the next 30 days, measured the second tremor at 4.4. Edison Constant voiced the fears of all Haitians when he said, “We just can’t get used to these quakes. Each aftershock is terrifying and everyone is afraid.” For the traumatized people left homeless, hungry and destitute each new quake is a fresh reminder of the terrifying minute two weeks ago when the earth shook, destroying their lives.

Haitian leaders say the earthquake killed 150,000 people and left a million homeless with hundreds of thousands now dependent on handouts from a massive aid relief operation and living in makeshift camps. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton defended the US operation in Haiti from criticisms that it lacked leadership and had been too heavy-handed in the immediate chaotic aftermath of the quake.”

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Earthquake Aftershocks in Haiti « Repeating Islands.

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