Susan Eva O’Donovan: “To stand by silently…makes us look profoundly stupid and cruel and racist too.”

In response to the recent election, #ADPhD is sharing reflections, short takes, and responses from scholars of slavery. To submit yours, click here. On November 14, 2016, news outlets reported that a West Virginian official -- Clay County Development Corporation Director Pamela Ramsey - made the following statement comparing First Lady of the United States … Continue reading Susan Eva O’Donovan: “To stand by silently…makes us look profoundly stupid and cruel and racist too.”

Alex Gil: “This double voice that could pass the censors was key to their survival.”

As the journal steamed on, Aimé Césaire was secretly working on a brutally direct historical drama with the title “Et les chiens se taisaient” (And the Dogs Were Silent). The plot of the drama revolved around the events of the Haitian Revolution (see post below). The manuscript could’ve cost him his livelihood—if not his life—had it been found by the fascists. But fascism is only half of the story. After the war, 1946, after fascism had been replaced with liberal colonialism, the line “Kill the Whites,” refrained 70+ times in the original, was reduced to one appearance in the PG-13 oratorio published in Paris for a bruised audience. As with most famous attempts at presenting black armies decimating white armies, history didn’t find its proper stage.

Patrick Rael: “I’m afraid that we are now all about to receive a terrible lesson in matters the least of us have been weaned on for generations.”

"To those who made the spiteful, foolish choice to vote for a sociopath who does not understand let alone value the rule of law, here is the one irreducible fact that you, your children, their children, and theirs will have to live with: YOU left the center. YOU defected from the compact. YOU flipped the game board and went home. YOU broke it, for all of us. When those who had the most cause to do this did not. If you have cause for anger, how much cause have those with deep and longstanding grievances against this country? I’m sorry if that's ungenerous, but what you have done is the essence of ungenerous." - Patrick Rael