Hudson on The Racist Dawn of Capitalism | Boston Review

Peter James Hudson reviews three recent history of slavery and capitalism texts to place them in conversation with radical black scholarship and political thought, past and present:

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ARTICLES/JOURNAL: Special Joint Issue on Slavery and Anti-Slavery in the Atlantic world

The American Historical Review and Past & Present have joined forces to publish a joint, virtual special issue reviewing historiographic debates related to slavery and anti-slavery in the Atlantic World.

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Echeruo on Blyden, “The Jewish Question”

Echeruo, Michael J. C. “Edward W. Blyden, “The Jewish Question,” and the Diaspora: Theory and Practice.” Journal of Black Studies 40, no. 4 (March 1, 2010): 544-565. Abstract: “Dr. Blyden’s booklet, “The Jewish Question,” has been largely ignored, as it relates not only to the Jewish Question, proper, but also to the question of African American identifications with Africa and the quest to return, … Continue reading Echeruo on Blyden, “The Jewish Question”

Simonsen Reviews black Atlantic/African Atlantic Scholarship

Simonsen, Gunvor. “Moving in Circles: African and Black History in the Atlantic World.” Text, November 13, 2007. Summary: “The article examines the development of African diaspora history during the last fifty years. It outlines the move from a focus on African survivals to a focus on deep rooted cultural principles and back again to a revived interest in concrete cultural transfers from Africa to … Continue reading Simonsen Reviews black Atlantic/African Atlantic Scholarship

Black American Feminisms Bibliography

Compiled by Sherri L. Barnes and hosted by University of California at Santa Barbara Libraries From the Introduction: Welcome to Black American Feminisms: A Multidisciplinary Bibliography, an extensive bibliography of black American Feminist thought from across the disciplines. References date back to the nineteenth century when African American women like Maria Stewart, Anna Julia Cooper and Sojourner Truth challenged the conventions and mores of their … Continue reading Black American Feminisms Bibliography

“What’s Distinctive About Africanist Historiography?”

Timothy Burke offers four ways to think about Africanist historiography: 1) The historiography of Africa is methodologically and/or epistemologically distinctive. Africanists have to think through problems of archival interpretation in creative ways, have to think about the status of oral narrative in new ways, have to grapple with debates about nomothetic and ideographic knowledge in a unique way, have distinctive issues with the validity of … Continue reading “What’s Distinctive About Africanist Historiography?”