DIGITAL: Haiti: An Island Luminous

Digital Project – Haiti: An Island Luminous

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DIGITAL: The Abolitionists Map of America

via Amistad Research Center:

Explore the story of the abolitionist movement in America through our interactive map. Dozens of museums, institutions and PBS stations have partnered with American Experience to bring you archival images, documents and videos related to abolitionism.

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DIGITAL: Rankin Maps the Spread of Slavery in United States


A digital project by Bill Rankin visualizes the spread of slavery in the United States in maps. Rankin uses dots, black space (to render county/state lines nearly invisible), and color gradations to mark the changing population of slave and free:

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DIGITAL/NEWS: Slave Trade Database to Expand, Update Website | The Emory Wheel

The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database, an online database providing information about slaves and slave trading voyages, will soon expand to include information about intra-American slave trade as well as have a new accessibility. The online database is supervised by two Emory faculty members in partnership with international scholars. The project investigators — David Eltis, Robert…

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