BLOGROLL: The Charlottesville Syllabus

University of Virginia Graduate Coalition responds to white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, VA. The list includes several books on histories of slavery and the South: "The Charlottesville Syllabus is a resource created by the Graduate Student Coalition for Liberation to be used to educate readers about the long history of white supremacy in Charlottesville, Virginia. … Continue reading BLOGROLL: The Charlottesville Syllabus

Rael on the “All Lives Matter” Debate in 1837 @AAIHS 

Rael at @AAIHS: "1837, leading African American thinkers debated the question in the black press. At issue was whether or not it was right for institutions designed for black uplift to close their doors to whites. On the one hand stood William Whipper, a Philadelphia activist and founder of the bi-racial American Moral Reform Society (AMRS). With him was Robert Purvis, another leading light in Philadelphia’s black abolitionist circles. Both argued against “complexional distinctions,” or the principle that blacks ought to act alone to further their interests. Squared off against the Philadelphians were newspaper editor Samuel Cornish of New York, Henry Highland Garnet, another outspoken black New Yorker, and William J. Watkins, a free black teacher from Baltimore."

Berry and Morgan: #Blacklivesmatter Till They Don’t: Slavery’s Lasting Legacy

"We live in a nation that has yet to grapple with the history of slavery and its afterlife." - Daina Ramey Berry and Jennifer L. Morgan In an essay for The American Prospect, slavery scholars Daina Ramey Berry and Jennifer L. Morgan place #blacklivesmatter protests around the world in context with "the historical value of … Continue reading Berry and Morgan: #Blacklivesmatter Till They Don’t: Slavery’s Lasting Legacy