FILM: Akomfrah’s The Stuart Hall Project

via The Stuart Hall Project | BFI: Highly acclaimed at this year’s Sundance and Sheffield Documentary festivals, the new film from award-winning documentarian John Akomfrah (The Nine Muses) is a sensitive, emotionally charged portrait of cultural theorist Stuart Hall. A founding figure of contemporary cultural studies – and one of the most inspiring voices of … Continue reading FILM: Akomfrah’s The Stuart Hall Project

Carrington on Stuart Hall | AFRICA IS A COUNTRY

Ben Carrington writes:  Stuart Hall was the most important public intellectual of the past 50 years. In an age where having a TV show allegedly makes someone a public intellectual and where the status of the university you work at counts for more than what you have to say, Hall’s work seems even more urgent … Continue reading Carrington on Stuart Hall | AFRICA IS A COUNTRY

Blackburn’s Obituary for Stuart Hall

Robin Blackburn's obituary for Stuart Hall (via Born in Jamaica Stuart Hall became a beacon of the New Left in Britain, a hugely influential cultural theorist and an incisive critic of Thatcherism and its sequels. He was the first editor of New Left Review in 1960 and became the director of the Birmingham Centre … Continue reading Blackburn’s Obituary for Stuart Hall

Stuart Hall (1932 – 2014)

via The Guardian: The foundations of cultural studies lay in an insistence on taking popular, low-status cultural forms seriously and tracing the interweaving threads of culture, power and politics. Its interdisciplinary perspectives drew on literary theory, linguistics and cultural anthropology in order to analyse subjects as diverse as youth sub-cultures, popular media and gendered and … Continue reading Stuart Hall (1932 – 2014)