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“Given the incredible loss of life as a result of the January 12, 2010 earthquake in the Republic of Haiti, it may appear frivolous to turn to history – but history, too, has been a casualty of this disaster. In the reporting on the earthquake and the relief operations, Haiti’s history has been contorted by cliché, smudged by misrepresentation, or not represented at all. The country and its citizens have been rendered history-less, and its historic significance in the region and the world made invisible….

The Public Archive will serve as an accessible clearinghouse of historical and archival sources for the Vanderbilt University community and the public at large. It will draw on the expertise of the Vanderbilt faculty to gather and collate information available, if not always accessible, to the general public. It will link to online historical and archival sources, contemporary journalism, and bibliographies, and will be updated according to current developments.”

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