New Publications in Atlantic History

Several of interest to historians of the African diaspora. (Via H-Atlantic) * Cécile Vidal (dir.), « L'Atlantique français », Outre-Mers. Revue d'histoire, n° 362-363, 2009, p. 7-139. Table des matières : - Cécile Vidal, EHESS : Introduction : Le(s) monde(s) atlantique(s), l'Atlantique français, l'empire atlantique français - François-Joseph Ruggiu, Université de Paris IV : Une … Continue reading New Publications in Atlantic History

Paton on Enslaved Women and Slavery circa 1807 (and more)

Posted at History in Focus, a 14 volume journal published by the Institute of Historical Research at the University of London.  [On the main page, the link to the issue on slavery is broken.  Access it here.] Excerpt below: This year's commemorations of the 200th anniversary of the passage of the British Act for the … Continue reading Paton on Enslaved Women and Slavery circa 1807 (and more)