Warner-Lewis on Archibald Monteath, Igbo, Jamaican, Moravian

This reconstruction of one of the rare Caribbean slave narratives is an amplification, interrogation, and modification of its original texts by crossreference with official documents, contemporary diaryentries and reports, presentday oral sources, and secondary analyses of plantation society. Accessing a variety of primary records, Maureen Warner-Lewis meticulously reconstructs a biography of enslaved Archibald Monteath, an Igbo, who was brought to Jamaica around 1802, became active in the Moravian Church and later purchased his freedom. Through Monteath’s biography she explores the sociology of slavery from 1750 to the 1860s. Fieldwork conducted in Africa brings an important dimension to the work, and scholars of Caribbean history, church history, diasporic studies, Atlantic studies and Jamaica will find it of significant interest.

via University of West Indies Press

H-Net Review by Paul Peucker available here.

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