AUDIO: Johnson and Jones on #BlackWomanhood | WYPR

Jessica Marie Johnson and Martha Jones discuss their Black Womanhood course on WYPR:

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DIGITAL: Databases of Runaway Slave Advertisements

A round-up of databases of runaway slave advertisements shared by Jessica Marie Johnson on Twitter. List (with additions from Twitters users) below the fold:

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DIGITAL/CONF: Story Map for Race, Memory, and the Digital Humanities

Moya Bailey, P. Gabrielle Foreman, Jessica Marie Johnson, Liz Losh, Marisa Parham,  and more present at the OIEAHC/Equality Lab conference Race, Memory, and the Digital Humanities, October 26-28, 2017.

Johnson writes:

“We’ve got a map!!! Thank you Liz Losh and the team at the Equality Lab for this really amazing visualization of our DH work. Hope to see you all at Race, Memory and the Digital Humanities in a couple of weeks!”

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