Rawick on Revolt, Labor

Rawick, George. Listening to Revolt: The Selected Writings of George Rawick. Charles H. Kerr, 2010.

Just published by Charles H. Kerr, Listening to Revolt: Selected Writings offers the first major collection of the wide-ranging and revolutionary writings of the late George Rawick, a leading figure in both radical history and Marxist sociology. Rawick was a rarity who influenced many with his contributions to African American history and to the study of white workers. His exciting scholarly and activist writings are generously represented here and put in context by David Roediger’s extensive introductory essay on Rawick’s life, thought and politics.

via Kerr Publishing Co. Website.

Editor’s Note:  Rawick is perhaps best known as editor of the multi-volume series The American Slave: A Composite Autobiography (1978-1979). See also The African American Experience ($$).