SOURCE: Biography of Anna Murray Douglass | @LibraryofCongress

The Library of Congress holds a biography of Frederick Douglass’ wife, Anna Murray Douglass, written by her daughter. Printed from a speech delivered before the Anna Murray Douglass Union by Sprague in Washington, D.C. in 1900. The speech was reprinted by Frederick Douglass Sprague Perry in 1923 and dedicated to the “Noblewomen of the National Association of Colored Women.”


“They met at the base of a mountain of wrong and oppression, victims of the slave power as it existed over sixty years ago. One, smarting under the manifold hardships as a slave, the other in many ways suffering from the effects of such a system.

“The story of Frederick Douglass’ hopes and aspirations and longing desire for freedom has been told—you all know it. It was a story made possible through the unswerving loyalty of Anna Murray, to whose memory this paper is written.”

Source: Anna Murray Douglass, My Mother As I Recall Her, by Rosetta Douglass Sprague | Library of Congress

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