DIGITAL/RESOURCE: Murray County Museum – Vann Slaves Remember

A digital resource from 2003, hosted by the Murray County Museum and compiled by Herman McDaniel, excerpting WPA ex-slave interviews that reference the Vanns, a Cherokee slaveholding family from the 19th century:

The people conducting the interviews from 1936-1938 were instructed to write the material gleaned from the interviews as closely as possible to the speech patterns of the former slaves they interviewed. Some 3,500 interviews were conducted. Those included in this collection all mention the Vanns. At the time that the interviews were conducted, the Vanns had been gone from Georgia for more than 100 years–consequently none of the slaves the Vanns owned in Spring Place were still alive. The following slave narratives all mention the Vanns.”

Source: Murray County Museum – Vann Slaves Remember

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