DIGITAL: Frederick Douglass in Baltimore: 1836-1838

Digital project mapping Frederick Douglass’s life in Baltimore:

“In 1836, following his failed escape attempt on the Eastern Shore, Douglass returned to Baltimore at the order of Thomas Auld. In his three autobiographies, Douglass goes to some lengths to account for this unexpected action on Auld’s part, as he had previously been threatened with being sent to Alabama. In the Narrative, Douglass conjectures that he was returned to Hugh Auld’s house because “there existed against me a very great prejudice in the community, and [Thomas Auld] feared I might be killed” otherwise. (66) In My Bondage and My Freedom and Life and Times, Douglass attributes the change of hear to Auld’s “profession of religion, at the camp-meeting in the Bay Side” (173; 623), and notes that Auld promised him emancipation at the age of twenty five, noting, however, that “the promise had but one fault; it seemed to good to be true.””

Explore: Frederick Douglass in Baltimore: 1836-1838

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