SOURCE: Civil War Manuscripts Project

Hosted by the Connecticut Historical Society:

“This Project is an attempt to create detailed access to the rich Civil War manuscript holdings of the Connecticut Historical Society. The collections presented herein were examined over a period of more than four years beginning in the mid-1990s under the direction of Kelly Nolin. The manuscripts card catalog has been searched extensively for potential Civil War materials within collections which were incompletely processed or which were not subject to modern standards of analytic cataloging methodology. Additional materials continue to be added, but please be aware that these entries are not as comprehensive as those assembled under the original project.Detailed examinations of many of the collections offer complete transcriptions, itemized content analysis, genealogical or biographical information, anecdotes, quotations, excerpts, etc. The result, we hope, will be both a sophisticated research tool for historians and scholars as well as an enjoyable resource for the more casual browser.”

Source: Civil War Manuscripts Project

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