BLOGROLL: Hobson on Nicki Minaj and the Sugar Sphinx for Ms. Magazine Blog (2014)

Revisiting summer 2014 and this essay by Janell Hobson:

“Who knew that after the demolition of Kara Walker’s wildly popular “Marvelous Sugar Baby” art installation (see photo at left) at the old Domino sugar refinery in Brooklyn, the giant-sized booty of her 35-foot-high and 75-foot-long Sphinx would cast a long shadow this summer?

“At least that seems to be the case with the uproar this week over pop artist Nicki Minaj, who posed in a G-string revealing her ample-sized behind in the cover art for her single “Anaconda.” Judging from various pearl-clutching responses—from fans and naysayers on social media, to feminists and hip-hop website owners—the spectacle of the “big-booty” black woman once again elicits simultaneous awe and repulsion…”

Read it all: Nicki Minaj: A Brown Sugar Sphinx Riddle – Ms. Magazine Blog

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