BLOGROLL: Farmer on Audley Moore, Mother of the Reparations Movement – AAIHS

Ashley Farmer writes:

“Moore gained the most traction for her reparations activism among activists in Southern California. With a group of L.A.-based black organizers, she founded the Reparations Committee for the Descendants of American Slaves. As the leader of the Reparations Committee, Moore published an extensive analysis of reparations: Why Reparations? Reparations Is the Battle Cry for the Economic and Social Freedom of More than 25 Million Descendants of American Slaves.

“In Why Reparations, Moore defined reparations, established a historical basis for restitution and laid out her program for payment distribution. For the Louisiana-born activist, reparations was a means for “amends or compensation” for the “loss or damage” of African American lives and labor. Moore claimed that her call for “money damages, for the loss of their ancestors’ fair share of property which accrued by reason of their skills and labors” was not “without apt precedents in the field of law and nations.” She cited payments from West Germany and Finland, as well as the United States’ compensation of Japanese Americans, as evidence that reparations were a standard practice…”

Read it all:

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