BLOGROLL: The Charlottesville Syllabus

University of Virginia Graduate Coalition responds to white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, VA. The list includes several books on histories of slavery and the South:

“The Charlottesville Syllabus is a resource created by the Graduate Student Coalition for Liberation to be used to educate readers about the long history of white supremacy in Charlottesville, Virginia. With resources selected and summaries written by UVa graduate students, this abridged version of the Syllabus is organized into six sections that offer contemporary and archival primary and secondary sources (articles, books, responses, a documentary, databases) and a list of important terms for discussing white supremacy. Only “additional resources” are not available online (but can be found either through JSTOR, at the library, or for purchase).

Markus Martin, seated, was among those hit by a car that plowed through a crowd in Charlottesville, Va. On Sunday, he attended a vigil for the woman who was killed, Heather Heyer, a close friend of his. Edu Bayer for The New York Times

“What may be the largest fascist gathering in recent memory is being held in our town center this weekend. The Charlottesville Syllabus seeks to explore the local historical and contemporary precedents for this gathering, to give it history and context, to denounce it, and to amplify the voices of community members most affected by this “alt-right” occupation of space.

“These resources are key to contextualizing the “alt-right” and their racist motivations. The “alt-right” have been working to distance themselves rhetorically from old-fashioned racist groups like the KKK, and it is essential that we do not let them falsify the narrative of white supremacy in Charlottesville and in this country…”

Explore the syllabus:

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