Holden Discusses the Role Women Played in the Nat Turner Rebellion | TIME

Vanessa Holden, interviewed for Time, discusses the role women played in the Southampton Rebelion (also known as the Nat Turner Rebellion) and their absence from the recent film, Birth of a Nation:

“Slavery wasn’t evil at the hands of one evil master; it wasn’t only evil in moments of extreme violence and torture or extreme moments of deprivation; it wasn’t only evil when families got separated. It was evil every moment of every day. In turn, resisting slavery always meant making a conscious decision to do harm—economically, socially, physically, mentally, emotionally—because the system was abhorrent,” Holden says. “It’s important to remember that the violence [in Southampton] was a direct response to the specter of violence that was American slavery. It’s not fair to the historical subjects that I study, the women, to assume that they could only be victims of that violence…”

Read it all: Nat Turner and the Forgotten Women Who Resisted Slavery | TIME

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