Sex and Slavery: An Incomplete Reading List

On year ago I asked “What is your favorite book/essay/journal article on sexuality and slavery studies?” Reblogged from Diaspora Hypertext, the Blog…

Diaspora Hypertext, the Blog (Archived)

Did an exercise today.

Then I Storify’d it:   Editing__Sex_and_Atlantic_Slavery_Bibliography__·_Storify

Click the image above to go to the Storify or browse/search the uber simplistic fairly messy html version I exported after the jump (Storify won’t embed on sites; one day, when I am a cool kid, I will finally transition #DHtheBlog to a self hosted space).

Before you go fishing for texts, this thirty minute exercise reminded of a few things:

1) As far as we think we’ve come in the study of sexuality and slavery, we have barely brushed the surface. I’m quite concerned with excavating histories of black female intimate pleasure, kinship, and affection. But I’m also interested in where those bonds break down into despair, betrayal, or terror. This breakdown, I think…

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