VIDEO: Spillers on “Shades of Intimacy” and the Eighteenth Century

“Shades of Intimacy: What the Eighteenth Century Teaches Us,” served as the keynote lecture for “The Flesh of the Matter: A Hortense Spillers Symposium,” at Cornell University, March 18, 2016. Followed by a day of symposium panels, March 19, 2016.

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PODCAST:  Hall on “Making ‘Race’: the work of the slave-owners”

“Prof Catherine Hall (UCL) – Building on the work of the Legacies of British Slave-ownership project this paper will explore the role of the slave-owners in making ‘race’. The idea of ‘the negro’, of ‘the slave’ and of ‘the white man’ had to be constructed in the new world of the Atlantic. It was effected through a wide variety of practices – from the selling of African men and women to the making of laws, the discursive construction of racial types and the quotidian doings of the plantation. Drawing on a range of individual and familial stories this paper will argue that making ‘race’ was understood as vital work by the slave-owners of the British Caribbean.”

Listen Here: Seminar: Making ‘Race’: the work of the slave-owners

VIDEO: The Lapidus Center Presents Slavery and Memory x Whitney Plantation

This enlightening discussion will focus on memory, commemorations, and legacies of the slave trade and slavery, and feature panelists John Cummings and Ibrahima Seck of the Whitney Plantation and Museum; Columbia University professor Saidiya Hartman; architect Rodney Leon; and University of Pennsylvania professor Salamishah Tillett.

This program is brought to you by the Lapidus Center for the Historical Analysis of Transatlantic Slavery.@SchomburgLive | #SlaveryandMemory

VIEW HERE: The Lapidus Center Presents: Slavery and Memory on Livestream

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VIDEO: Morgan, ‘Partus Sequitur Ventrem’: Law and Re/Production for Enslaved Women

Keynote Address by Professor Jennifer Morgan, New York University to the conference Pregnancy, Childbearing and Infant Care: Historical Perspectives from Slave and Non-Slave Societies

Part of the Research Network ‘Mothering Slaves: Comparative Perspectives on Motherhood, Childlessness and the Care of Children in Atlantic Slave Societies’

Newcastle University, 8 April 2015

ARTICLES/JOURNAL: Special Joint Issue on Slavery and Anti-Slavery in the Atlantic world

The American Historical Review and Past & Present have joined forces to publish a joint, virtual special issue reviewing historiographic debates related to slavery and anti-slavery in the Atlantic World.

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PODCAST: Finley on “Untitled, 1969” by Malcolm Bailey | Whitney Museum of American Art

Cheryl Finley, scholar, addresses Untitled, 1969, 1969 by Malcolm Bailey (b.1947)

LISTEN HERE: August 26, 2015, Cheryl Finley on Untitled, 1969 by Malcolm Bailey | Whitney Museum of American Art

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