20 Years of the Black Atlantic at Africa in Words: Art, Politics & Intellectual Production

Gilroy The Black Atlantic

Africa in Words is running a series of posts on Paul Gilroy’s The Black Atlantic: Modernity and Double Consciousness, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of its release. Click here to read the first post of the series and here to read the second.

Bruno Muniz continues the series with a post on art and politics in Gilroy’s ‘black Atlantic:’

“The artists and intellectuals considered by Gilroy are political beings, but not necessarily and exclusively through spoken, sung or written words. Even though there is not enough space to explore all the implications of Gilroy’s work in integrating aesthetics, politics and culture, I hope this text accomplished at least to synthesize some of his ideas that helped me a lot to think about my academic practices. The ideas being presented here are also a path to escape from the simplistic question of whether funk represents more “miscegenation” or blackness. Both options bring assumptions that cannot be ignored….”

Read the rest: Culture, politics and intellectual practice through Gilroy’s “The Black Atlantic” | Africa in Words http://bit.ly/12gFQT7

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