TOC: Slavery & Abolition 34:1

The latest issue of Slavery & Abolition includes the following articles:

Scrambling for Slaves: Captive Sales in Colonial South Carolina
Sean Kelley
Pages: 1-21

The Penalty of a Tyrant’s Law: Landscapes of Incarceration during the
Second Slavery
Kelly Birch & Thomas C. Buchanan
Pages: 22-38

The British Honduras Colony: Black Emigrationist Support for
Colonization in the Lincoln Presidency
Phillip W. Magness
Pages: 39-60

The Presence of Black African Women in the Slave System of Cadiz
Arturo Morgado García
Pages: 61-76

Why Joanna Baptista Sold Herself into Slavery: Indian Women in
Portuguese Amazonia, 1755–1798
Barbara A. Sommer
Pages: 77-97

Slavery, Empire and Civilization: A Luso-Brazilian Defense of the
Slave Trade in the Age of Revolutions
Kirsten Schultz
Pages: 98-117

Brazilian Gold, Cuban Copper and the Final Frontier of British
Chris Evans
Pages: 118-134

From Bondage to Freedom on the Red Sea Coast: Manumitted Slaves in
Egyptian Massawa, 1873–1885
Jonathan Miran
Pages: 135-157


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