TOC: Slavery & Abolition (June 2010)

The following articles appear in the June 2010 Issue of Slavery & Abolition:

Amani Marshall, “‘They Will Endeavor to Pass for Free’: Enslaved Runaways’ Performances of Freedom in Antebellum South Carolina”

Emily Berquist, “Early Antislavery Sentiment in the Spanish Atlantic World, 1765-1817”

Kathryn Gin, “‘The Heavenization of Earth’: African American Visions and Uses of the Afterlife, 1863-1901”

Benjamin Garstad, “‘Death to the Masters!’: The Role of Slave Revolt in the Fiction of Robert E. Howard”

And the following document review:

Ruth Paley, Christina Malcolmson and Michael Hunter, “Parliament and Slavery, 1660-c.1710”

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