McGill Tours Slave Cabins to Preserve History –

“Joseph McGill spent Saturday night in a place where slaves slept – in a cabin at Hobcaw Barony in Georgetown.

As a preservationist, his intent is to bring attention to the endangered structures.

“African-Americans have lost a lot of the buildings that can help interpret their stories,” McGill said. “This is a great place to start in helping to save those buildings.”

He also plans to use his tour in the coming months to speak about the realities that led to the Civil War. He has already had sleepovers at four other slave cabins throughout the state, with another planned for next month on Morris Street in Anderson, “the largest slave alley left in Upstate South Carolina.”

“This is important now because we are about to commemorate the sesquicentennial of the Civil War,” said McGill, a program officer with the National Trust for Historic Preservation. “I plan to develop a lecture about my experience in the cabins and hopefully convince some of the naysayers that slavery played a vital role in the cause of the Civil War…”

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