Echeruo on Blyden, “The Jewish Question”

Revd. E. W. Blyden, L.L.D. / Maull & Co., Photographers and Miniature Painters, 187A Piccadilly and Cheapside. (Library of Congress)

Echeruo, Michael J. C. “Edward W. Blyden, “The Jewish Question,” and the Diaspora: Theory and Practice.” Journal of Black Studies 40, no. 4 (March 1, 2010): 544-565.


“Dr. Blyden’s booklet, “The Jewish Question,” has been largely ignored, as it relates not only to the Jewish Question, proper, but also to the question of African American identifications with Africa and the quest to return, in one sense or another, to the “land of their fathers.” This article examines all of these three aspects of Blyden’s work and suggests in what ways the idea of a Diaspora could be understood in theory and in practice, considering Blyden’s attitudes.

Available via Sage Publications ($$)

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