IJAHS Special Issue: Archaeology & African History

William Smith, Thirty different drafts of Guinea (London, 1727?), plate 28. (Courtesy of The Mariners' Museum, Newport News, Virginia)

International Journal of African Historical Studies Vol. 42, No.3 (2009) 347

Special Issue : Current Trends in the Archaeology of African History

Guest Editors : Ann B. Stahl and Adria La Violette


Introduction : Current Trends in the Archaeology of African History, by Ann B. Stahl and Adria LaViolette    347

Material Life and Domestic Economy in a Frontier of the Oyo Empire During the Mid-Atlantic Age, by Akinwumi Ogundiran     351

Hueda (Whydah) Country and Town : Archaeological Perspectives on the Rise and Collapse of an African Atlantic Kingdom, by Neil L. Norman    387

Every Periphery Is Its Own Center : Sociopolitical and Economic Interactions in Nineteenth-Century Northwestern Ghana, by Natalie Swanepoel    411

The Urban History of a Rural Place : Swahili Archaeology on Pemba Island, Tanzania, 700-1500 AD, by Adria LaViolette and Jeffrey Fleisher    433

Environmental Narratives and the History of Soil Erosion in Kondoa District, Tanzania : An Archaeological Perspective, by Paul Lane    457

Book Reviews

Jalloh and Falola, eds., The United States and West Africa : Interactions and Relations, by Benjamin Talton     485

Falola and Usman, eds., Movements, Borders and Identities in Africa, by Tolly Waters    487

Alpers, East Africa and the Indian Ocean, by Erik Gilbert    488

Nuttall and Mbembe, eds., Johannesburg : The Elusive Metropolis, by Guy Thompson    490

Dieckmann, Haillom in the Etosha Region : A History of Colonial Settlement, Ethnicity and Nature Conservation, by Marcia C. Schenck    492

Moyo, Dead Aid : Why Aid Is Not Working and How There is a Better Way for Africa, by Raymond R. Gervais    493

Carton et al., eds., Zulu Identities : Being Zulu, Past and Present, by James Gump    495

Martin, Catholic Women of Congo-Brazzaville : Mothers and Sisters in Troubled Times, by Paul Kollman    496

Index for Volume 42 (2009)    499

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