Slave Route Museum Inaugurated in Matanzas, Cuba

“On Tuesday, the city of Matanzas inaugurated a national museum on the Slave Route in the San Severino castle.

Participants at the inauguration spoke about the indelible stamp left on the Cuban historic memory of those people who were violently uprooted from their lands and converted into slaves for cheap labor.

UNESCO Executive Committee President Olabiyi Babalola Joseph spoke about how the Atlantic slave trade forms an essential part of the shared history of Africa, Europe, the Caribbean and Americas.

Babalola said that the new museum represents a bridge among generations and is an interesting place to teach the African history and languages. He said the idea behind the Slave Route project is to break the silence on the immoral and ignoble practice of which Africa was a victim.”

Read the rest: Slave Route Museum Inaugurated in Matanzas, Cuba – Cuba – Juventud Rebelde – The newspaper of Cuban Youth.

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