History and Politics: Black Confederates in the Civil War

“Our Colored Troops,” Harper’s Weekly, February 28, 1863. (Source: New York Public Library/Digital NYPL)

The History Carnival hosted at Cliopatria has two articles on the myth and reality of black soldiers who served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War.

A snip from Applying UFOlogy Techniques to the Search for Black Confederates:

On the other hand the skeptic summarizes his view at the very tail end of the clip:  “Look, this is just like every other UFO case we’ve investigated.  There’s always a witness – we can’t confirm the testimony; information that we can’t find strict evidence for;  there’s always a door closed, there’s always an underground facility….”

I just see too many similarities in the logic applied here, on both sides, regarding the issue of Black Confederates.  How often are we presented with something purported to be “evidence” that clearly is not what the presenter claims?  Or is taken completely out of context to make it seem what it isn’t?

Read both and other posts from the carnival here.

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