TOC: Canadian Journal of African Studies 43:1

Canadian Journal of African Studies/Revue Canadienne des Études Africaines
Volume 43 Number 1 / Numéro 1 2009
Canadian Journal of African Studies
Revue Canadienne des Études Africaines

Volume 43 Number 1 / Numéro 1 2009
Special Issue / Numéro special

New Perspectives on Sexualities in Africa / Les sexualités africaines dans
leurs nouvelles perspectives

Contents / Sommaire

New Perspectives on Sexualities in Africa: Introduction Marc Epprecht 1

Les sexualités africaines dans leurs nouvelles perspectives: Introduction
Charles Gueboguo 8

The Widow, the Will, and Widow-inheritance in Kampala: Revisiting
Victimisation Arguments Stella Nyanzi, Margaret Emodu-Walakira, and
Wilberforce Serwaniko 12

Faith in God, But Not in Condoms: Churches and Competing Visions of HIV
Prevention in Namibia Nicole Rigillo 34

Sur les rétributions des pratiques homosexuelles à Bamako Christophe
Broqua 60

Deaf, Gay, HIV Positive, and Proud: Narrating an Alternative Identity in
Post-Apartheid South Africa Karin Willemse and Ruth Morgan with John
Meletse 84

“Mombasa Morans”: Embodiment, Sexual Morality, and Samburu Men in Kenya
George Paul Meiu

Research Note / Note de recherche Penser les “droits” des homosexuels/les
en Afrique: du sens et de la puissance de l’action associative militante
au Cameroun Charles Gueboguo 130

Review Articles / Études bibliographiques African Feminists on Sexualities
Signe Arnfred 152

Sexualities, Pleasure, and Politics in Southern Africa Bodil Folke
Frederiksen 161

Southern African Homosexualities and Denials Stephen O. Murray 168

Contre l’homophobie en Afrique Patrick Awondo 174 African Perspectives on
Female Circumcision Amy Kaler 179

Same-Sex Sexuality Issues in Some African Popular Media Unoma Azuah 185

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus Sévérin Cécile Abéga. Violence Sexuelle et
l’Etat au Cameroun. Sybille N. Nyeck 188

Julian B. Carter. The Heart of Whiteness: Normal Sexuality and Race in
America, 1880-1940. Barrington Walker 190

Catherine Cole, Takyiwaa Manuh and Stephan Miescher, eds. Africa After
Gender? Brigitte Bagnol 192

Cary Alan Johnson. Off the Map: How HIV/AIDS Programming Is Failing
Same-Sex Practicing People in Africa. Amanda Lock Swarr 195

Eleanor Maticka-Tyndale, Richmond Tiemoko and Paulina Makinwa-Adebusoye,
eds. Human Sexuality in Africa: Beyond Reproduction. Robert Morrell 198

Ruth Morgan and Saskia Wieringa, eds. Tommy Boys, Lesbian Men and
Ancestral Wives: Female Same-Sex Practices in Africa. Sam Bullington 201

Nicoli Nattrass. Mortal Combat: AIDS Denialism and the Struggle for
Antiretrovirals in South Africa. Mary Caesar 204

Stephanie Newell. The Forger’s Tale: The Search for Odeziaku. Taiwo
Oloruntoba-Oju 206

Alexander Rödlach. Witches, Westerners and HIV: AIDS and Cultures of Blame
in Africa. Allison Goebel 208

Tamara Shefer, Kopano Ratele, A. Strebel, N. Shabalala and R. Buikema,
eds. From Boys to Men: Social Constructions of Masculinity in Contemporary
Society. Mikki van Zyl 211

Works Cited / Ouvrages cités Contributors / Collaborateurs 215

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