Gender across the Atlantic African Diaspora

Abbe Boilat, Signare, 1853

Slavery & Abolition: A Journal of Slave and Post-Slave Studies (whose table of contents rarely disappoints) has two articles on women and gender in the Atlantic African Diaspora:

Burrill, Emily S. “‘Wives of Circumstance’: Gender and Slave Emancipation in Late Nineteenth-Century Senegal.” Slavery & Abolition 29 (January 2008)

Vernal, Fiona. “‘No Such Thing as a Mulatto Slave’: Legal Pluralism, Racial Descent and the Nuances of Slave Women’s Sexual Vulnerability in the Legal Odyssey of Steyntje van de Kaap, c. 1815-1822.” Slavery & Abolition 29 (January 2008)

*Bonus: This issue also has a review article by Sylvia Frey on Afro-Atlantic Religion since Albert Raboteau’s book, Slave Religion: The ‘Invisible Institution’ in the Antebellum South (1978). See the Resources Page for the citation.

(Availability: From now on, unless the articles are free and available online, I will not note the availability of the articles. The assumption will be that they are accessible via your local college/university library and for a fee online)

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