George E. O'Malley

O’Malley on Balancing the Empirical and the Humane in Slave Trade Studies

George E. O’Malley discusses balancing quantitative analyses of slavery with understanding slaves’ experiences of bondage: “In learning about the cultures enslaved people created in various American regions, I had become convinced that historians needed to ground such research in a better understanding of the networks that delivered enslaved people to the Americas. After all, where … Continue reading

EDITED: Campbell and Elbourne on Sex, Power and Slavery
Abdul Sheriff / Ana Lucia Araujo / Brian Lewis / Charmaine Nelson / David Brion Davis / E. Ann McDougall / Elizabeth Elbourne / Francesca Ann Louise Mitchell / Gabeba Baderoon / George La Rue / Griet Vankeerberghen / Gwyn Campbell / James Francis Warren / Johanna Ransmeier / Joost Coté / Mariana Candido / Marie Rodet / Marie-Luise Ermisch / Martin A. Klein / Matthew S. Hopper / Richard Hellie / Ronaldo Vainfas / Roseline Uyanga / Salah Trabelsi / Sandra Evers / Shigeru Sato / Subho Basu / Ulrike Schmieder

EDITED: Campbell and Elbourne on Sex, Power and Slavery

Gwyn Campbell and Elizabeth Elbourne, eds. Sex, Power, and Slavery. Ohio University Press, 2014. via Ohio University Press: Sexual exploitation was and is a critical feature of enslavement. Across many different societies, slaves were considered to own neither their bodies nor their children, even if many struggled to resist. At the same time, paradoxes abound: … Continue reading

David Eltis / Peter Alegi / Peter Limb

AUDIO: Eltis on the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database | Africa Past and Present

On Africa Past and Present: David Eltis, Robert W. Woodruff Professor of History at Emory University, on the making of the Transatlantic Slave Trade database,  a landmark collaborative digital project he has co-edited for two decades. Eltis discusses the research process, online dissemination, and new directions for the initiative. This is the second part of … Continue reading

Paul Lovejoy / Peter Alegi / Peter Limb

AUDIO: Lovejoy on Building Databases of Enslaved Africans | Africa Past and Present

On Africa Past and Present: Paul Lovejoy, Canada Research Chair in African Diaspora History at York University, discusses building an international database of biographical information on all enslaved Africans. He outlines this digital history project’s contribution to the study of slavery, race, and broader themes in global history. This is the first part of a … Continue reading

EDITED: Robertson and Klein on Women and Slavery in Africa
Bruce L. Mouser / Carol P. MacCormack / Claire C. Robertson / Claude Meillassoux / Curtin A. Keim / Edna G. Bay / Edward A. Alpers / George E. Brooks / Herbert Klein / J. P. Olivier de Sardan / John K. Thornton / Marcia Wright / Martin A. Klein / Patrick Manning / Peter Alegi / Peter Limb / Robert Harms / Susan H. Broadhead / Susan Martin

EDITED: Robertson and Klein on Women and Slavery in Africa

African Diaspora, Ph.D. is revisiting scholarship that has shaped the study of people of African descent across time and place. Claire C. Robertson and Martin A. Klein, eds. Women and Slavery in Africa. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1985. In a 1985 review of the volume, Patrick Manning wrote: Continue reading

ARTICLES: Maritime Slavery in <i>Slavery & Abolition</i>
Andrea Major / Charles R. Foy / David Wheat / James Francis Warren / Janet J. Ewald / John T. Grider / Mariana P. Candido / Molly A. Warsh / Natasha Lightfoot / Srividhya Swaminathan / Ty M. Reese / Walter Hawthorne

ARTICLES: Maritime Slavery in Slavery & Abolition

Special Issue of Slavery & Abolition: Maritime Slavery 2010 | Volume 31. Issue 4 Editors Note Philip D. Morgan, “Maritime Slavery.” Slavery & Abolition 31, no. 3 (2010): 311–326. Continue reading

EDITED: Fradera and Schmidt-Nowara on Slavery in Spain’s Atlantic Empire
Ada Ferrer / Albert Garcia Balañà / Alejandro de la Fuente / Christopher Schmidt-Nowara / Josep M. Delgado / Josep Maria Fradera / Juan Carlos Garavaglia / Luiz Felipe de Alencastro / Martín Rodrigo / Michael Zeuske / Seymour Drescher

EDITED: Fradera and Schmidt-Nowara on Slavery in Spain’s Atlantic Empire

Josep Maria Fradera and Christopher Schmidt-Nowara, eds. Slavery and Antislavery in Spain’s Atlantic Empire. New York: Berghahn Books, 2013. via Berghahn Books: African slavery was pervasive in Spain’s Atlantic empire yet remained in the margins of the imperial economy until the end of the eighteenth century when the plantation revolution in the Caribbean colonies put the … Continue reading