Patrick Rael

Rael on Ferguson, Respectability Politics, and the Early Republic

Six months after the murder of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, it is worth revisiting scholars’ reflections on what his death, extrajudicial killings of people of African descent, and histories of slavery and diaspora have in common. Last August, Patrick Rael placed present-day re-articulations of respectability politics against a long history of black political rhetoric, … Continue reading

EDITED: Hull, Scott & Smith’s <i>Some of Us Are Brave</i> (1982)
Alice Walker / Barbara Smith / Beverly Smith / Constance M. Carroll / Dora Wilson / Elizabeth Higginbotham / Ellen Pence / Erlene Stetson / Freada Klein / Gloria T. Hull / Jacquelyn Grant / Jean Fagan Yellin / Jeanne-Marie A. Miller / Joan R. Sherman / Lorraine Bethel / Martha H. Brown / Mary Frances Berry / Mary Helen Washington / Michele Russell / Michele Wallace / Ora Williams / Patricia Bell Scott / Ramona Matthewson / Rita B. Dandrige / The Combahee River Collective / Thelma Williams / Tia Cross

EDITED: Hull, Scott & Smith’s Some of Us Are Brave (1982)

African Diaspora, Ph.D. is revisiting scholarship that has shaped the study of people of African descent across time and place.  In 1982, Hull, Scott, and Smith published a compilation of scholarship on the history, condition, and politics of black women in the United States. The works collected in Some of Us Are Brave spoke back … Continue reading

Weekend Reading: The Public Archive on “Radical Black Cities”
Alejandro de la Fuente / Carla L. Peterson / Leslie M. Harris / See Tags

Weekend Reading: The Public Archive on “Radical Black Cities”

This week, The Public Archive published its fourth installment on Radical Black Reading.  The subject was race, urbanity, black geographies, and sense of place: In this, The Public Archive’s fourth installment of Radical Black Reading,* we hope to contribute to an informal conversation about the history, plight, and future of Black cities – and towards the … Continue reading

David Blight

Blight: What gives the Confederacy its staying power?

In April, when Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell issued a proclamation reviving Confederate History Month in the commonwealth, he reminded us once again of the Confederacy’s staying power. Wittingly or not, McDonnell demonstrated that historical “memory disputes” are always about the present, as he spoke in the tradition of a long line of Southern leaders beginning … Continue reading

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Ted Fellow Cesar Harada Blogs 1811 Louisiana Slave Revolt, Gulf Coast Oil Spill, Environment

In 1811 white landlords were forcing black slaves to manipulate fatal toxic, such as the one required in the fabrication of Indigo (pigment). Today, the swamps owned by the former slaves children has been bought by major energy companies at an unfair price to host multi-millions polluting facilities. The descents of the slaves still live on … Continue reading

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Civil rights activist Dorothy Height in ‘very serious’ condition –

Civil rights activist Dorothy Height, 98, remained in “very serious, but stable condition” Saturday, her friend and spokeswoman said. “A flurry of rumors about Height’s death appeared Saturday on the Internet, particularly on the social networking site Twitter, where her name was a trending topic. Wikipedia also briefly reported Height’s death. Height remains hospitalized, according … Continue reading

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A Story Like No Other: Louisiana’s African American Heritage Trail

Louisiana’s African American Heritage Trail has expanded and a new website added titled A Story Like No Other. Excerpt from the website welcome by Mitch Landrieu, lieutenant governor: “Louisiana is marking the second anniversary of our African American Heritage Trail with its first expansion plus this new website, I announced the news today at … Continue reading

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Texas Conservatives Win Vote on Textbook Standards

AUSTIN, Tex. — After three days of turbulent meetings, the Texas Board of Education on Friday approved a social studies curriculum that will put a conservative stamp on history and economics textbooks, stressing the superiority of American capitalism, questioning the Founding Fathers’ commitment to a purely secular government and presenting Republican political philosophies in a … Continue reading