Penn Gazette Feature On Salamishah Tillet: Scholar, Teacher, Activist
Salamisha Tillet

Penn Gazette Feature On Salamishah Tillet: Scholar, Teacher, Activist

  “As an undergraduate at Penn in the 1990s, Salamishah Tillet C’96 experienced some of the best and very worst that a young person’s college years can offer. It was here that she made lasting friendships and found the inspiring classes and mentors that sparked her ambition to become a scholar and teacher herself. And … Continue reading

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Ayiti Kraze / Haiti in Fragments Social Text)

“For some, Haiti is the “poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere,” a “failed state,” long on the brink of collapse. For others, Haiti is a beacon of freedom, evidence of the only successful slave revolt in modern history. This forum brings together scholars from different fields of study, and different parts of the world, for … Continue reading

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SSRC Forum: Haiti, Now and Next

“Haiti is an alarming reminder that natural disasters have more devastating consequences where physical infrastructure is weak, where institutions are problematic, and where there is a lot of poverty. So trying to foster development is also a response to disaster. How humanitarian assistance is administered may make it more or less conducive to longer term … Continue reading

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FIU’s Hope for Haiti Seeks Creole speakers/interpreters

“Florida International University is creating a database of fluent Haitian Creole speakers willing to volunteer their time to help with a number of ongoing efforts to support South Florida’s Haitian community in the aftermath of the Jan. 12 earthquake that devastated Haiti. Interpreters are needed right away to assist the College of Law’s Carlos A. … Continue reading

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Debating the Future of Haiti

1) Sir Hilary Beckles “The hate and the quake” 2) Response to Beckles by Anthony Wilson “Blame Haiti’s Politicians”: ans 3) Message to the Montreal Conference on Haitian Relief by Norman Girvan tian-relief/ Continue reading

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Portugal Omits Slave History–Sign the Petition

Image Credit:  Library of Congress, Washington, DC<br> Nègres cangueiros [and] Différentes nations nègres [Slaves carrying a heavy load and Black people from different nations / Cangueiros negros e Negros de diferentes nações], from Voyage pittoresque et historique au Brésil [A picturesque and historical trip to Brazil / Viagem pitoresca e histórica ao Brasil], Jean Baptiste … Continue reading